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digging a holeFinally, Knysna’s main street was getting a much-needed facelift. There was no way the foreman  was going to let his shift fall behind lest he fall on the bad side of the Municipal Manager.

This week, the foreman had 2 guys working under him. One would dig a hole – dig, dig, dig. The  other would come behind him and fill the hole – fill, fill, fill. These 2 men worked furiously; one digging a hole, the other filling it up again.

On the third day, a small business owner, across the road, was watching from the sidewalk and  couldn’t believe how hard these men were working but couldn’t understand what they were doing.

Finally he had to go and ask the foreman, “I’m impressed at how hard your men are working but i  can’t figure out what you’re repairing? One digs a hole only so that his partner can fill it up  again?”

The foreman replied, “Oh yeah, that must look funny but the guy who plants the trees is sick today.”

About Mike Hampton

Fierce lover of Knysna, the prettiest town in South Africa. Activist, avid writer and founder of Love Knysna and Knysna Website Design. Community worker through Love Knysna Projects, a voluntary association aiming to put educational smiles on children and bring the community of Knysna closer together.

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