dentist jokeA Knysna businessman went into the dentist in Grey Street and asked: “How much will it cost to have teeth taken out?”

“R900” said the dentist.

“That’s ridiculous” said the businessman.

“I could lose the assistant so it would cost R600,” countered the dentist.

“That’s still too expensive,” said the businessman.

“If I don’t use anesthetic, I could knock the price down to R200.”

“Still too much!” said the businessman.

“Ok, then, the last option is for one of my receptionist to do it for R100,” said the dentist.

“Perfect – book my wife for next Tuesday.”

About Mike Hampton

Fierce lover of Knysna, the prettiest town in South Africa. Activist, avid writer and founder of Love Knysna and Knysna Website Design. Community worker through Love Knysna Projects, a voluntary association aiming to put educational smiles on children and bring the community of Knysna closer together.


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