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Knysna Historical SocietyCaptain Robert Hart of Knysna, 1886 – 1968. Colonial teacher, Soldier, Headmaster and Gentleman farmer. His interesting life and times in Knysna, an illustrated talk by Philip Caveney and the Knysna Historical Society.

  • Friday, 18 October 2013, at 17h00
  • Cearn Hall on Leisure Isle

All welcome. R10 entrance fee for members. R20 entrance fee for non-members

Captain Hart – A Brief History

Robert Cecil Howard Hart immigrated to the Cape Colony in 1910, at the time of Union.

After teaching at SACS in Cape Town he left, with his wife Annie, to serve in the British Army during the First World War.

He returned to South Africa in 1923, taking up the position of Headmaster at the Knysna Secondary School in 1925, during a period of development and significant change in Knysna.

In 1935 he became Headmaster of the Cambridge School in East London.

He retired from teaching after his wife’s death in 1943 and returned to his farm in Knysna at Ashford where he experienced new challenges.

During his later years he compiled his memoirs of Knysna, known as the “Hart Manuscript”.

A man with the enormous respect of all, fondly remembered by his fellow teachers and pupils, still to this day.

He died in Kimberly, early in 1968 and is buried at the Holy Trinity Church in Belvidere, Knysna.

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