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Bennie Naude EFTMaster Trainer and gifted Facilitator, Bennie Naude, has taught EFT in the UK, Australia, Europe and South Africa. Bennie is a very versatile speaker and able to meet and match the specialized interests of all participants present, while demonstrating this amazing gift which is EFT.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or ‘Tapping’) is a technique that you can learn in minutes. EFT has been proven clinically effective as a simple yet powerful way of releasing fears, phobias, anxieties, angers, addictions, and all kinds of emotional and physical issues.

Prolonged stress and trauma affects the Amygdala situated in the Limbic System of the Brain which signals the brain to mobilise the body to Flight, Fight or Freeze. Brain scans have shown that while tapping on acupressure points along meridians, or pathways of energy throughout the body, while being tuned in to a specific problem or issue, the mind/body energy system sends a calming response to the body. The Amygdala recognizes that it is now ‘safe’ thus de-activating the Brain’s stress response, releasing stress and trauma at its root. This is a new paradigm in healing, no longer taking months or years of therapy and or chronic medication to resolve problems. With EFT, specific issues can often be dissolved in minutes — even forever!

EFT is about stress release. EFT is not about stress management.

Most physical pain has an emotional component. By tapping on the emotion related to the pain, the underlying feelings of anger, resentment, guilt, shame, anxiety or frustration behind it, will come to the surface and then these feelings are tapped upon – many people find their pain decreasing or even disappearing entirely. EFT can identify the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and others and thereby remove the blocks to achieving a life of vitality, love and abundance.

WHO BENEFITS FROM EFT – EVERYONE! Anyone can learn how to apply EFT on themselves. Men, women and children, in fact everyone interested in helping themselves or others benefits from EFT. Most people experience relief and relaxation the first time they try it, while others need a little more practice.

This invaluable tool is a perfect addition to any healing practice. Many professionals have incorporated EFT into their specific modalities. EFT has been taught to physicians, nurses, alternative health care providers, psychologists and psychiatrists, therapists, dentists, chiropractors, nutritionists, mental health counselors, social workers, educators, hypnotherapists, massage therapists, reflexologists, Reiki Masters, spiritual/energy healers, ministers of religion, teachers and to parents and their children.

Exposure to others stress, anxiety and trauma, affects one’s own health and well-being. Tapping on yourself will immediately reduce your feelings of pressure and frustration, allowing you to help those who need it the most, in the moment.

  • Date and Time: Thursday 18th July – 16.30 – 18.00
  • Venue: Conference Room at the Lofts Hotel, Thesan Island, Knysna
  • Bookings: There is no charge for this event, however bookings are limited so please call to confirm your space – Jeanne Booth on 083 293 3970.

For more about EFT go to www.deepliving.com/eft-training and also www.emofree.com.

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