love writingDoes writing give you pleasure? Does it take you to a place in your head where it’s fascinating and richer? Are you addicted to the English language? Do you want to learn more about your town of Knysna? “YES!” you yell.

Love Knysna! is an umbrella of information websites serving Knysna. We LOVE this place; its amazing landscapes and mixed cultures. We believe that increasing Knysna’s international webprint is essential good practice for our tourist based economy. We also believe in communicating with locals like us who are the blood of Knysna. We believe in education.

Through interviews, reviews and articles we gain a deeper understanding and passion for our town. From music events and markets to nature and restaurants, there’s always much to explore.

Are you a high school student looking to build your CV for your higher education submission and career beyond? Are you a retiree or a mom with spare time on your hands? If you have the wordsmith skill and desire, please contact us. We’d love to work with you and make our town as great as it can be!

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