Hi, i’m Wicked Mike. In 2009, i left the city and came to Knysna for 3 days – i never left. I felt immediately at home and my love for Knysna has continued to grow. I am not alone. It feels like half this town is made up of people who realized that a condition for better living is being surround by natural beauty.

I love the view of the Knysna estuary, the islands in it, and the sandstone Heads that guard us from the sea. I love the Outeniqua Mountain peeks that transform into forest which, like a loving mother, embraces our little town. I love the streams in the street when it rains. I love beach sand between my toes or estuary mud massaging my feet. I’m comforted by the bird life (apparently 87 species) that are my most regular visitors where i stay. I love that i have the option of nature and civilization which brings me to loving good coffee (which i can find in many places in town), strong and dark like Africa itself. I love tasty food, warm and friendly, that’s offered by too many restaurants to count. I love that quality artists form the soul of Knysna, from painters and crafters to photographers and authors.

I’m not naive to the problems we experience as members of the human race. To that end, i run www.KnysnaKeep.org, a web spot for project ideas and activism seeking to improve life for all citizens of Knysna. Running concurrently with that is www.KnysnaCrimeWatch.co.za where i encourage the public to fight corruption. www.LoveKnysnaProjects.co.za seeks to address disparity and promote tourism. BUT here, at www.LoveKnysna.com, i seek to applaud what we do right and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

Knysna is a beautiful place to live.

Love Knysna too!


I hope that you will contribute. I call on the active people of Knysna to send me info on main events. If you have a blog that’s been running for months and is updated weekly, i will include your link. If well written, happy to include your occasional posting here with link to you. If you are a wordsmith and wish to volunteer articles, open arms wait to greet you. If you are a photographer, amateur or professional, i will post a gallery with credit. If you have more ideas, mail me. Thank you!


Past contributors have included Mike Wood (author), Marylou Newdigate (ceramicist and potter), Martin Hatchuel (Garden Route tourism writer) and the Knysna Historical Society.

knysna sunset