The true soul of Knysna is the majority of citizens living in the Northern Communities. These have been called “Townships” for so long that it is difficult to escape the terminology when wanting to promote tourism and assist economic development e.g. township tours. “Township” is a word that the world knows. Unfortunately, it harks back to the days of apartheid and segregation. In modern times, it’s segregation of a different sort as economic disparity increases. It’s also a word that doesn’t represent adults laughing with friends over a good meal or the fun of children playing soccer. Thus, here at Love Knysna, we call the suburbs of Concordia, Khayalethu, Hornlee and Smutsville the Northern Communities. “Northern” for most being that geographically but metaphorically as above Knysna Central.

PS: It is Love Knysna’s intention to learn more from community leaders and write more about their areas. With enough input, we can open individual sections or, possibly, another website geared at giving them the recognition they deserve as citizens of Knysna.